General Information and Help

This new directory site uses a fully responsive theme which allows your visitors to view your site details on their iPad, Iphone or iPod as well as on their normal desktop or laptop computer. More than that this modern way of advertising your business is not only far more effective in attracting a computer ‘savvy’ audience but cost effective into the bargain!

This site is providing a service to users and visitors in South Lincolnshire and surrounding villages hence the in the logo and web site address. Therefore we look very carefully at submitted listings for relevancy to the area or service offered. Whilst we don’t like to refuse a listing, this site is intended for its local area use and sometimes a polite refusal is required for which we will be very sorry.

Based on WordPress (which is used by over 2 million web sites) you can keep your listings up to date without the high cost of employing highly skilled staff. More, you can do this from any web browser, from any computer and from anywhere in the world!

It will also show your business as being forward thinking, cutting edge and giving your customers first priority!


An Introduction To South Lincs Directory

If you would like to have a listing in this virtual directory then you will need to have an account (which is free) and on signing into your account a new menu will appear at the top of the window where you can add administer your listings or modify any that you have created or depending on your account view email contacts.

You are not limited to one listing in this directory but they are either free, paid or a combination of listings as follows and each can be selected when you create a new listing – please read their descriptions carefully when you create your listing.

a. Free Package.

b. One-time payment package.

c. Recurring payment package.

We use PayPal for payments on the paid listings which is quick and secure – in fact you don’t even need to have a PayPal account to be able to use your credit/debit cards!

For more information on our prices please see Our Directory Insertion Prices


Create an Account or Sign In

You can either watch the following video or read the instructions below to learn how to create a free account and then how to insert a listing – either a free or a paid one.

Enter all the details that you can (especially the description field shown above) before clicking the button at the bottom of the window ‘Update Your Listing’. These are all the details that a potential client will see and possibly judge you by!

You may review your listing at this point, for more information on our prices please see Our Directory Insertion Prices

Select the type of listing that you require and enter your payment details if needed – and don’t forget, all listings need to be approved by an administrator for site security before they appear in the directory.


Account Verification

A little more difficult, here you must change the password offered to you by the computer to something more memorable. You will be prompted as to how good your password is and the stronger the better!


Entering a new FREE listing – the whole point of the exercise!

So now you have arrived at your administration area of your account what do you do? This next video is a quick run through of how to enter your free listing!



Need to have the photographs done for you? Go to Our Photography page where you can find more information on this and our other services.

Virtual Assistant Services

Need to have the listings or updating done for you? Again, go to Our Photography page where you can find more information on this and our other services.


We apologise if you have found any content or comments on this web site which you feel are suspicious, inappropriate or distressing in any way. Please report this to our support department by emailing us at or use our contact page, I’ll gladly try to help you in any way that I can – thank you.